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Foreign Services: Pearly Bleuwaters International Limited we are an international company registered in Nigeria and in the United Kingdom, We work with international companies that are seeking to expand their market reach to Africa.

Various services we render are representation, finding a new market for their products and services, liaison office, representing their interest, and Integrating, we carry out such services on their behalf.

Over the years, we have been working with so many companies representing their interest and facilitating some of their activities here, for NGOs and Corporate firms who seek to carry out special projects here in Nigeria such as community social responsibility, programs, events, seeking meetings with organizations or institutions here in Nigeria and some Africa countries or carrying out research on a particular topic or societal issues.

We represent their interest here and we carry out the above-mentioned activities on their behalf and we ensure that the result they seek is achieved. Our goal is to make sure we bridge the gap of disconnection between companies overseas and companies in Africa. We bridge this gap by ensuring that businesses are carried out seamlessly without so much stress and overspending of resources. This, in the long run, helps companies to have a good financial reporting/spending on projects rather than spending so much, we help them to achieve this goal without them spending so much.

Lastly, for companies who are into manufacturing or that want to sell their products here, we help in sourcing for potential customers and buyers, for service companies, we help in reaching out to necessary companies that need their services and for foreign companies that need raw materials or products that can be gotten from Africa, we help them in sourcing for these products.


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