Hardware and Software Maintenance Services

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Hardware and Software Maintenance Services

Pearly Technologies offers hardware and software maintenance services tailored to meet the needs and budget of small business owners, educational institutions, government agencies, and utilities. We tailor your system to meet your unique needs and budget.

We maintain our customer’s systems to ensure that it is reliable, up to date, and optimized so that it continues to meet their needs over the lifetime of the system. Using advanced project management techniques, our highly trained and licensed teams work to keep all aspects of your system running smoothly.

Services That Work for You

Our maintenance services include maintenance for both hardware and software solutions:
  • Hardware Services & Maintenance: We offer preventive or remedial services to physically repair your hardware, as well as troubleshooting support and assistance, either online or via phone, to ensure you always have access to help. Both are offered on either a contract or per incident basis, so your system will always be up and running.

  • Software Maintenance and Support: We offer a variety of software support services to meet your needs, including new product installation, product updates, migrations for major software releases, and other types of software support services as needed, so you can always count on your software being up to date and reliable. These services are offered as either a long term contract or on a per incident basis.

Our service offers:

  • Proactive maintenance that prevents major issues from occurring
  • Monitoring for quick problem resolution – if issues ever do arise
  • Improved up-time for your hardware
  • Increased productivity for your staff
  • Removal of unauthorized software from computers
  • Replacement of hardware that is failing or has failed with identical equipment
  • Upgraded firmware and up to date virus protection
  • Simple rollout of new application software
  • Insurance that backups are working
  • Performance of periodic data restores to verify integrity

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for your computer

and printer repairs:

  • Computer Repairs
    (Laptop & Desktop)

  • quick problem resolution

  • Improved up-time

  • Replacement of hardware

  • virus protection

  • Upgraded

  • backups

  • application software

  • productivity

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