Physis Dryers have Minimum And Lower Fuel Consumption Of Any Other Drying Technology

No Caramellization Effect

No Changing Of The Material's Characteristics (Color, Odor)

No Emission Any Kind Of Pollutants Or Smell To The Environment

No Fire Hazard

Suitable For Residues Of Agriculture Fruit Pomace Olive Pomace



Caramelization is a phenomenon that appears in the structure of sugars of materials that are heat-treated giving a darker color to the product. Appears to the sugar content of the ketones and glucose that exists in olive pomace. Generated by high temperatures (for wet pomace over 400 Celsius degrees, releasing pigments and smell of rotten fruit. Caramelization creates a hard crust on the outer surface of the granule so the water remains trapped in the core. The common rotary dryers introduce the heat exactly in their entry that is the main entrance of the material, thereby creates a thermal shock of the olive pomace and the outer layers of the granule present the effect.
To release the trapped water in the heart of granule requires more heat that intensifies the effect, creating a vicious circle from which the result is bad drying, enormous consumption, intolerable odors in the environment at very large distances, and tanning of the material. To the conventional dryers, the moisture is forwarded mixed to the material from the entry to the exit. The dry material is absorbent so mixing with moist air, absorb again the moisture creating a yet vicious cycle. PHYSIS uses low temperatures for drying that do not present the caramelization effect. Instead provide large amounts of dry air that is the vehicle for moisture removal The dry air enters every meter of the processing path and cleared at each line. So with minimal consumption since the required heat is minimal, achieve an excellent drying result without discoloration of the pomace that maintains it's natural flavor without bad smells even in the same room of the process.


Manufactured entirely from stainless steel suitable for food
Variable process temperature to conserve nutritional substances
PHYSIS drying and particle processing plants are applied in the production of a wide range of products - from bulk products to the most advanced powders within the food and dairy products, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Our supply includes plants in all sizes; from small pilot plants for research and product development to the largest industrial installations. Whether you wish to produce a powder, granulate, or an agglomerated product we have the expertise, technology, and equipment to match your needs.
A continuous feeding PHYSIS system is a machine in which a continuous flow of wet powder, granular, or flakes material is treated by an innovative module. Hot drying air is blown through the air diffusers at all the length of the module. Mixing of the product is achieved utilizing a low-frequency, rotation. The Shaking rotation and the hot airflow of the PHYSIS module allows the perfect drying of products.


Pearly Incinerators is a compact and efficient incinerator that incinerates quickly flows of mixed waste. A range of 5 models of highly efficient incinerators, technically advanced configured for quick elimination, clean and easy of mixed waste flows including municipal waste, medical waste, and sanitary, including type 4 (red bag waste). Pearly Incinerators are engineered to be resistant to the toxins that come from non-organic waste.
To satisfy all the customer needs a range of options and specifications are available for customized solutions. In fact, Pearly Incinerators can be equipped with specific refractory coatings, industrial burners modified, various capacities, and types of fuel, allowing the realization of a professional incinerator system customized for specific incineration needs, including the continuous and heavy use. Manufactured to resist at the extremely high temperatures used to break down the toxins that result from the incineration of medical or municipal waste. Pearly Incinerators are manufactured from refractory cast concrete.


Pearly Incinerators is a leader manufacturer of waste combustion and waste-to-energy systems. We are also a complete systems integrator for Air Pollution Control systems. Pearly Incinerators have more than 20 years of experience in industrial installations worldwide. Our strength is our experience; we designed, manufactured, and installed our first incinerator in 1998. We are committed to high-quality standards, health and safety policies, and ethical business practices, as well as excellence in engineering, manufacturing, and innovation.


INCINERUNNER - Your mobile choice for any kind of wastes
Pearly Incinerator's range of mobile Incinerators lends themselves to a variety of uses in waste management. Whether It Is for shared follicles, camps, farms, or even for disease control in remote areas. The mobile range of incinerators have options for larger fuel tanks and generator sets. The control panel is set up for easy use. We offer bespoke mobile incinerators suited for rapid deployment to areas with sudden outbreaks of diseases. This enables the waste to be disposed in an effective, fast, safe, and secure environment. Our range of high capacity mobile incinerators is perfectly placed in any such unfortunate situation.
Constructed from the highest quality materials to be the most robust, efficient, and reliable systems available, ensuring Pearly Incinerators maintains its brand position of high quality and built to fast systems. The quality and lifetime of our systems are unchallenged by any other manufacturer, guaranteeing a realistic payback on your investment. Highly powerful, robust, and efficient Incineration system specifically designed to dispose of wastes with low density and low to high moisture or liquid contents. With burn rates up to 300kg/ hour and proven to be highly effective and fuel-efficient, ensures that the INCINERUNNER series remain a market leader.


ERCOLE series
Hot air generator ERCOLE is born from the needs of our systems that require the elevated application of hot air with a maximum saving; the fluid bed grid has been designed specifically for the combustion of solid fuels (pellets, woodchip, green biomass, agricultural waste, olive pomace, etc.). It combines also all the advantages of a simple combustion grid for excellent results. The combustion grid is innovative, providing the maximum efficiency and correct combustion at every stage. All models that require heat exchanger, it is a vertical self-cleaning type which makes the system great using fuels with high humidity. The ash is automatically removed from the bottom of the combustion chamber and located in a container. Performance of over 90%.
Burner's innovative fluid bed system with a grid by seven steps with alternative movement which allows the combustion of biomass also high humidity rate up to 30%. Very high efficiency, with computerized control over the combustion conditions and minimized leaks. Variable power according to the application parameters and the possibility of storage of that parameters to the setup. Dual independent air supply for the primary and secondary combustion for excellent results without leaks.


Pearly Incinerator's bulk storage silos and tanks are fabricated in a state-of-the-art facility using the latest technology for superior design flexibility, product quality, and the industry's fastest turnaround time on made-to-order units. From the storage of biomass to the blending of dry bulk solids and more, Pearly Incinerator's custom tank solutions are designed to deliver the performance your industry demands.


The PHYSIS NS is an advanced, modern, and versatile on-line NIR sensor for instantly remote type measurements. It performs real-time humidity measurements at the dryer's input and/or output point, of the processing product or material (biomass, sludge, food) providing information for process control and quality monitoring. Continuous process monitoring helps users to increase efficiency and reduce scrap and re-work while improving product drying and quality. The instrument performs simultaneous measurement of moisture and fat. The advanced technology provides many benefits including durability, stability, accurate measurement of moving products, and the ability to track process changes.



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