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Pearly Document Processing

We process your documents from any ministries and deliver it back to you. Our work approach is base on our promptness, professionalism and Digitized information is allocated to the right person or team using automatic classification and indexing. Optionally, the digitized documents are merged into electronic files (e-files) and made available online from any location. Alternatively, the newly received and scanned mail may also be mailed directly to an administrator or to a team’s group mailbox.

  • For paper-based documents, we open a mailbox for you. Our service centers scan, analyze and interpret all incoming mail, classifying it into business cases and preparing it for the subsequent processing procedures.
  • Information from incoming emails and e-documents and their attachments are organized within a uniform structure, so that their content can also be analyzed and classified. They are then passed on for the corresponding follow-up processing procedure.


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