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COVID-19 vaccinations Efficient appointment scheduling solutions

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Low-touch, socially distanced queuing

Instant Mobile Queue Management Package

applications for socially distanced queuing

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Appointment and arrival solutions

Manage appointments and customer flow efficiently

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Qmatic Orchestra 7

The platform for tailoring Customer Journey Management to your needs

Orchestra 7 box

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Qmatic Intro 8

The responsive, fast and secure self-service kiosk

Qmatic Intro 8 touch screen kiosk

I need a digital receptionist

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Qmatic employee apps

Convenient staff apps

Helps you provide a more personal level of service, instantly share data with your staff, increase employee mobility and optimize your resources.

self service kiosk and queuing display

Queue Management Systems

Integrated software, self-service kiosks and signage to reduce customer wait times, improve efficiency and increase revenues.

Appointment scheduling

Appointment matchmaker

Scheduling software ensures the appointment is a positive overall experience, for example, by matching each visitor with your most relevant member of staff.

Business analytics

Advanced Analytics Simplified

Enables you to put the data you are collecting to good use, so you can streamline your processes and refine the customer journey, using simplified advanced analytics and business intelligence.

Customer Journey Management screen

Customer Journey Management

Design customer journeys in our cloud solution. Bridge the gap between the online and physical world and deliver personal and friction-free experiences.

Mobile queue app

Mobile queuing

Allow your customers to wait anywhere and provide real-time updates about the status of their wait. Reduce their perceived wait time and increase your productivity.

queue number on screen

Digital signage

Combine content and context to engage your customers. Communicate relevant messages on the most relevant surface.

customer feedback screen

Customer feedback

Align real-time feedback with actual, measurable operations data that drives operational improvements in your organization.


  • Thurston County Mobile Ticket and Online Appointment Booking Thurston County Implements Qmatic’s Virtual Queuing Solutions

    Thurston County located in the State of Washington partners with Qmatic to reduce lines and people waiting in the lobby areas of its county buildings. The implementation of Qmatic’s virtual queuing solutions successfully transform the County’s operations allowing them to continue providing services amid Covid-19.

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  • Qmatic Appoints Chief Digital Officer

    Mölndal, Sweden – Qmatic, a global leader in Customer Journey Management, today announced the appointment of Andreas Glänfält as Chief Digital Officer (CDO). Glänfält will be part of Qmatic’s Executive Management Team reporting to the President and CEO of Qmatic, Robert Ekström.

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  • Qmatic Appoints Petra Hagensen as Vice President of HR


    Mölndal, Sweden – Qmatic, a global leader in Customer Journey Management, today announced the appointment of Petra Hagensen as the new Vice President of Human Resources. Hagensen will join Qmatic in March as part of the Executive Management Team reporting to CEO, Robert Ekström.

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Qmatic Blog

  • Patient appointment systems in hospitals

    My experience has shown that hospitals face many challenges that emerge as long waiting times and poor patient experiences. In this article, I'll clarify why I believe investing in a patient appointment system is beneficial for both patients and staff members.

  • Digital customer experience: Tips to improve services and satisfaction

    This year has shown service providers the importance of not only embracing, but also adapting and innovating digital solutions to improve their services and stay ahead in in the game. While many have started to offer digital solutions, improving digital customer experience is still a challenge when things are still new.

  • What is a customer journey map?

    The customer journey map (CJM) is a design thinking tool, a method to develop innovation that focuses on people in order to overcome challenges and meet needs. It allows you to visualize each of the stages of the customer journey on a map; from when a person discovers a need, to when they become a customer of a brand because they buy a product or use a service.