Distributed Operations

With distributed operations, your customer journey management solution works all the time, anywhere in the world.

It combines the key benefits of a centrally configured system and a fully distributed one. That means you can control and monitor operations across every location in your enterprise, allowing you to sustain a consistent, high performing environment – regardless of the quality of your connectivity.

For organizations seeking nothing less than total control over the customer experience, this is groundbreaking.

Flow chart with central server in the middle branching out to more options

Qmatic Distributed Operations is essential for multi-location enterprise organizations. Configure and manage
a complete Customer Journey Platform from a central point, and engage its statistics and functionalities from every branch or location.

Qmatic introduced distributed operations to help our clients attend to their customers’ needs at all times, with total service uptime. A customized Qmatic Hub is installed at the branch level to secure communications between each premise and central Orchestra server. A flexible hardware platform with software options, Hub acts as a gateway for Qmatic components, business intelligence, and connectivity running in the customer journey ecosystem.

Even if the connection to the central server is lost, customers and employees working within each location never experience an interruption. It is fault tolerant two-way communication between every location you manage and a central server.

Even in areas with poor network conditions due to high latency and low bandwidth can operate with confidence of consistent performance. Distributed architecture enables workloads to occur and be processed locally, and be communicated to the central data server as connectivity allows, with no perceivable impact on the operations in each location.

How it Works

  • Each branch connects to a central server through a network
  • Break tolerant connections route either directly or through a regional hub
  • Hubs are embedded between the site and the central server to send and store data between the two points – they require no maintenance or license
  • Queue Agents act as connection points for the server, hub, and sites to augment routing and security
  • Your tailored Orchestra Enterprise Customer Journey Platform deploys from the server to your branches either via a Qmatic Hub and/or an Intro 17 self-service kiosk
  • In the event of an interruption to Internet, cloud or wireless, the statistics are held at the local point and then resynchronized when systems come back online

Benefits of Qmatic Distributed Operations

  • Reduce stress on the central server by controlling configuration and functionality centrally, and performing operations at the local level
  • Deliver a consistent customer experience without any loss of vital information even if the central server or database needs planned maintenance or experiences an unexpected outage
  • Design a smarter, more cost-efficient infrastructure by tapping into aggregated statistics generated at every location in the network

The Power at the Heart of Your Enterprise

The ability to deploy and manage distributed operations from a single, centralized point is essential to the consistent performance of your enterprise. Qmatic Distributed Operations solution allows you to do just that.

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