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QR Coded Gate Pass Application

An Online Appointment and Ticketing Service for Businesses

With our easy-to-use QR coded online appointment system (which can also serve as entry ticket service)


  • Reduce Covid-19 spread by avoiding unnecessary crowding
  • Allow only people with a legitimate purpose or ticket to the business areas
  • Generate report for the number of people served by your business at any time of the day, week, month, or year
  • Obtain the imperative data for improving business performance




For a demo, try the links below... See the Use Case diagram for clarity.

 1st Step



2nd Step



3rd Step



4th Step



QR Code Reader




The visitor applies for booking an appointment at a date for a specific duration


The system admin approves or rejects the appointment from the admin console


The system sends a QR code to the visitor's email only if the appointment is approved


Visitors access to the business area is granted or denied depending on the validity of the QR code read by the guard on the gate


For best performance, use the

QR Reader for iPhone


QR Reader for Android




The QR Coded Gate Pass Application is an undertaking by Pearly Bluewaters Enterprises established in Nigeria for offering variety of QR Code based security and access control services using smart phones... click for more...


The QR Coded Gate Pass Application is a simple yet reliable service for online appointments for in-person visit of government offices, business premises, banks, schools, travel agencies, auto-parks, cinemas, touristic facilities, and the like.

The service is based on an online appointment server to grant visitors an appointment to the target business area in the form of a QR code that is readable by a standard QR code reader...

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Visitors apply online for appointment to enter the business area.

Admin approves or rejects the appointment application based on validity of purpose and the personal ID

The guard on the business area reads this QR code and grants or denies visitor's access to the business area

see the use case for more details



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