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Business Development

Pearly Bleuwaters helps in the creation of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets, and relationships.

Strategic Planning

We offer exclusive strategies that equip entrepreneurs to stand firm and successfully build a profitable business.

International Trade

We partner with international organizations, in reaching new heights and territories.

What We Do

Pearly Bleuwaters International Limited is an Information Technology Service provider, project & business management consulting and maintenance service firm with offices in Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

We combine efficacious techniques and management consulting with high technological competence. We are a leading consulting firm, serving clients across Africa and the world at large.

Science and Data Research

We provides a whole range of analytics services that help businesses stay on top of their operations. We also provides enterprise-scale, deep learning, transformation, cloud-based big data analytics solutions to our client.

Banking and Fintech

We offer services in area of Business Intelligence and Analytics, Security, Tech Integration and Cloud. We also provide services for none financial sector.

Manufacturing and Industrial

We brings expertise in optimizing production processes, integrating technology, and ensuring quality and compliance within manufacturing operations. We ensure products meet the expectation of the consumers.

Government Agencies

We provide services in the area of Policy formulation, Urban planning, Contractor vetting, Procurement, Project execution and inspection. We offer other consulting services.

Partners & Clients;Clients

Our Partners and Clients are Awesome!

From local to international, we are firm in building organization that accommodates clients and partners of reputable brands, which add values to our interest.

We ensure the successes of our clients and partners by going extra-miles in helping them achieve their organizations’ set goals. We provide support for new investors and guide through proper documentations with government and local bodies, because their success is our success.

Our Skills









What Our Clients Say

Who We Are

Pearly Bleuwaters International Limited is a passionate and innovative organization, with passion in helping to effect growth and profitability in many SMEs and multi-nationals.

We are in the services of helping businesses and humans attain full heights in operations and services. As a trusted brand in Project and Business Management, Technology and International Business Consultancy, we have used our professional expertise and network to scale up operations of many organizations across Nigeria.

We are committed to business growth, societal development, urbanization, human development, technological advancement, new energy and science. We are also in the business of connecting and representing organizations locally and globally.

Oil & Gas

We offer corporate trainings and provide quality equipment for both in the upstream and downstream of the oil & gas sector, with excellent track records due to our years of diligent services.


We deploy our expertise in outsourcing of team members, assign tasks, set objectives and deadlines. We offer the best of project management consulting and supervision services.

Project Management

We understand the importance and provide the best of collaboration, communication, time management, critical thinking, conflict resolution, policy analysis & impact assessment.

Bimko Trade

We provide detailed development processes, to help effect the necessary growth of businesses

Pearly Sport Management

We provide the needed facility for growth, improvement and export to every player who desire to excel.

Our Subsidiaries

Pearly Mines

We provides guidelines that helps SMEs navigate through their tough path, especially at infant stages

Cube One Business Network

We help foreign and local organizations supervise and manage projects effectively.

We have a rich culture of integrity and timely project delivery, which aide our successes.

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