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Pearly Bleu Tech provide the best digital tech stack for your needs; implement it; utilize it; and also receive local expert support and consulting, to have a bigger competitive edge in the business world.

Pearly Bleu Tech is a medium, through which brands and agencies across Africa have access to; efficient use of Marketing Technology Platforms - spanning Social Media Analytics & Insights, Social Media Management & Response, Digital Customer Care and Market Research - to scale their marketing, Customer service and research operations with ease, Expansion of reach through employee advocacy features, Full community management suite, Extensive 3rd party integration library, Crisis management, Competitor analysis, and Content strategy.

As a business owner, our tech helps to protect your brand with the right tools, benchmark your performance, track brand health in real-time, optimize your influencer strategy, know what your customers think, create authentic personalized content, plan and schedule your social campaigns, optimize your marketing and media strategies, evolve your social customer experience, and understand how consumers talk about you online, .

For television operators, our tech helps to track the sentiment around your TV shows and individual characters. It also helps to uncover valuable insight into the real-time popularity of different TV channels with share of voice (SOV) components.

For banks, our tech helps to manage their online reputation. Negative conversation as regards the bank can be managed by digging deeper into conversation drivers in order to respond accordingly.

For a beverage company, it helps to perform deep-listening on large trends and topics in the region using Consumer Research. It helps to monitor sentiment around health and lifestyle topics, such as healthy eating, veganism, sugar, and sugar-tax. Thereby, adapting the product and marketing communications strategies to those trends and insights, rather than simply tracking the brand name

For manufacturers and marketers of fast-moving consumer goods, the tech helps to monitor online conversations about the corporate entity and individual brands. It helps to receive real-time alerts for negative conversations on any of their topics of concern.

For a digitally native bank, the use of our technology will help to remove the barrier that traditionally prevents the unbanked from accessing banking services. It helps the bank to leverage on our tech services, so as to inform their Go to Market strategy. By using scalable sentiment analysis across thousands of mentions, it assists in understanding what the populace dislike the most about banking, which enables them to customize their marketing strategy to address those exact pain points.

For all area of businesses, Pearly Bleu Techserve as a good business tool for fully utilizing: Social listening technology for social media monitoring, Social media community management for publishing and engagement; enterprise social CRM for social CRM system; digital customer care tech for a unique customer care service; digital and social marketing platforms for online digital survey data; business intelligence products for a competitive edge; market research solutions for the adequate market survey; and user-generated content tools.

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